Interview Transcripts

Transcript Formats:

Interview transcripts are generally produced for story, research or editing purposes. The interviews can be transcribed verbatim, including all ums, ahs, stutters etc or we can exclude the non-verbal utterances to give a ‘clean’ transcript for story content. Another option is to summarise questions and any general ‘non-interview’ chatter that is not applicable. This can keep costs down if footage or audio is not edited down to interview material only.

Our Requirements:

Link to digital download of video or audio files.


Our fees are charged hourly and we can give an indication on cost based on our standard rule-of-thumb: 1.5 hours to type 30mins dialogue. This is based on a one on one interview, with average speed dialogue in studio recording conditions with clear questions and answers. Variables to take into account are:

  • Two or more Interviewees
  • Unclear audio or any sound interference
  • Outside broadcast shoots
  • Fast speakers
  • Accents or unclear speakers
  • Amount of timecoded reference points
  • Conversational dialogue with quick questions/responses

Fees are dependant on delivery deadlines.  Our standard turnaround is 2 to 3 days, with a loading for overnight, next day or weekend work.