Home & Away (Channel 7)
800 Words (South Pacific Pictures)
A Place to Call Home (Channel 7)
Packed to the Rafters (Channel 7)
Tricky Business (Channel 9)
Winners & Losers (Channel 7)
Sea Patrol (Channel 9/Hal McElroy)
Killing Time (Fremantle)
City Homicide (Channel 7)
All Saints (Channel 7)
Cops LAC (Channel 9)
Canal Road (Channel 9)
Kick (Storm Productions)
The Librarians (ABC)
The Upside Down Show (Blink Films)
The Alice (Channel 9)
Headland (Channel 7)
Super Nova (Fox World Australia)
McLeod’s Daughters (Millennium/Ch. 9)
Always Greener (Channel 7)
Marshall Law (Channel 7)
Young Lions (Channel 9)
The Secret Life of Us (Southern Star)
Love Bytes (Fox Television)
The Track (Chapman Productions)
Our Country (Channel 9)
Dossa & Joe (BBC & Granada)
Water Rats (Hal McElroy/Southern Star)
Crash Palace (Fox Television)
Flat Chat (Fox Television)
Going Home (Hal McElroy/SBS)
Breakers (Screentime)
How 2 (TVS Television)
Big Sky (Southern Star Xanadu)
Echo Point “
Who Dares Wins (Mason Brant)
Heartbreak High (Gannon TV)
Law of the Land (Roadshow C & C)
Janus (ABC)
Cody (Southern Star Xanadu)
Police Rescue “
Candid Camera (Becker Group)
Code Red (Wildbear Entertainment)
World’s Greatest Series (Wildbear Entertainment)
Total War (Wildbear Entertainment)
The Fatal Conflict (Wildbear Entertainment)
Mega Mechanics (Wildbear Entertainment)
Catalyst (ABC Television)
My Kitchen Rules (Channel 7)
Animal Rescue (Channel 7)
The Force (Channel 7)
Border Security (Channel 7)
Wild Life at the Zoo (Imagination TV)
The Farmer Wants a Wife (Fremantle TV)
The Amazing Race (Channel 7)
Bindi’s Boot Camp (Femantle TV)
The One (Channel 7)
Dating in the Dark (Shine Australia)
Beauty and the Geek (Shine Australia)
Wife Swap (Shine Australia)
Class of 2011 (Shine Australia)
Find My Family (Channel 7)
Relocation Relocation (Shine Australia)
Wag Nation (Shine Australia)
Masterchef (Freemantle TV)
Conviction Kitchen (Channel 7)
Dating in the Dark (Foxtel)
Behind the Front Door (SBS/Shine)
The Family (SBS/Shine)
The Boss is Coming to Dinner (Shine Australia)
Dinner Date (Channel 7)
Relocation Relocation (Shine Australia)
Roam (Shine Australia)
Ten Years Younger in 10 Days (Channel 7)
Iron Chef (Shine Australia)
Surf Patrol (Channel 7)
ICU (Channel 7)
Triple Zero Heroes (Channel 7_
Airways (Channel 7)
The Worlds Strictest parents (Channel 7)
Medical Emergency (Channel 7)
Zoo Tales (Channel 7)
The Real Seachange (Channel 7)
RocKwiz (Renegade Films)
True Stories (Channel 7)
Forensic Investigators (Southern Star)
CAAMA Productions (Numerous Documentaries)
David Tench Tonight (DTT Productions)
In The Company of Actors (Shark Island Productions)
Going Bush (Lonely Planet TV)
Monumental Vision (Guiding Light Productions)
Not All Tea and Scones (Purple Pictures)
Missing (Pony Films)
The Five Seasons (CAAMA Productions)
Truth Lies & Intelligence (Jack’s Truth)
The Men Who Would Conquer China (Nick Torrens)
The Sandman in Siberia (GNWTV)
Unfit to Command (Becker Group)
The Secret Life of Tanzania (World Vision)
Techno Tribal (Nick Torrens)
Body Jars (National Geographic)
Musical Renegades (R.B. Films)
Wedding in Ramallah (Habibi Films)
Two Thirds Sky (Arcadia Pictures)
Thiele A Prayer For Africa (Trans Media)
Winning the Nationals (Rough Diamond Prod)
A Girl A Horse A Dream (Pony Films)
Nature’s Born Killers (Trans Media)
Heart of Country (Southern Star)
Earth Report (Southern Star)
Next Wave (Southern Star)
After the Apology (Pursekey Productions)
After the Wave (Flaming Star)
Brothers in Arms (Channel 10)
Venice (Dragonet Films)
Paul Kelly Telemovie (Shark Island)
Blood Brothers (Screen Australia)
Killing time (Fremantle TV)
Wicked Love (Maria Korp Story – Channel 9)
Murder in the Outback (GC Films)
Bastard Boys (ABC)
Blackjack (Channel 10)
The Alice (Channel 9)
The Postcard Bandit (Channel 9)
Jessica (Channel 10)
Heroes Mountain (Anthony Buckley)
Do or Die (Southern Star)
The Road from Coorain (Penny Chapman)
Balmain Boys (Hal McElroy)
Ihaka Blunt Instrument (Screentime)
My Husband My Killer (Screentime)
Hardknox (Southern Star)
Erskineville Kings (Underground Films)
A Difficult Woman (Southern Star)
Rubicon (Southern Star)
Naked (Jan Chapman)
A Fortunate Life (PBL Productions)
WOW That’s Amazing (Beyond Productions)
Teen Spirit (Beyond Productions)
Fill in the Prank (Beyond Productions)
A Gurls Wurld (Endemol Southern Star)
Blue Water High (ABC)
Double Trouble (Channel 9)
Tracey McBean (Southern Star)
Snobs (Southern Star)
Hi Five (Channel 9/Millennium Pictures)
Bambaloo (Yoram Gross Ent)
Don’t Blame the Koalas (Southern Star)
Out There (Southern Star/ABC)
Cushion Kids (Kids Like Us)
Jeopardy (Southern Star)
The Artful Dodger (Grundy Television)
Chuck Finn (Barron Television)
Wild Kat (Barron TV)
Mirror Mirror (Millennium Pictures)
Mission Top Secret (Grundy TV)
Treasure Island (Grundy Television)
The Animated Kids Bible (Dominion TV)
Bottle Top Bill (Southern Star)
Flipper (Yoram Gross)
Blinky Bill (Yoram Gross Ent)
Tabaluga (Yoram Gross Ent)
Leunig (New Town Films)
Kangaroo Creek Gang (Southern Star)
Tracey McBean (Southern Star)
Adventures of Sam (Southern Star)
Fix & Foxi (Energee Ent.)
The Toothbrush Family (Southern Star)
Johnson & Friends (Film Australia)
Ketchup (Southern Star Animations)
Catalyst - ABC Television
NLA – National Library of Australia
P&O – Logging all footage back to 1960’s
AAWFA – Australians at War Film Archive
Howzat – Kerry Packer Story
Once Upon A Time in Cabramatta
Australian Story
7.30 Report
Forensic Investigators
Making Babies
Australian Princess
Love Bytes
Popstars interviews
Australian Eye Workshop – Jane Elliott
Extreme Australia
Lifestyle Productions
Hit & Run
Meet the Parents
Playing it Straight
Under One Roof